What is Myrtle App?

Myrtle app stands for My Real Time Life Experiences.

It is a collaborative photo sharing app with two outstanding benefits:

It gives control and security to its users in regards to who can see their photos.

User’s friends can also upload and contribute to any event album which brings the whole event memories into one album and everyone in that event group can see all the photos together in one place at one time.

How does it work?

Myrtle app’s aim is to give a simple user experience to its users within the following main steps:

Create an account or sign up with Facebook

Find and follow friends who are already on Myrtle app

Invite friends by email who have not registered on Myrtle app yet

Create your Event album.

Make it Private or Public.

Add Users to your event to give them permission to view/comments and upload their photos into your album as well.

Who can use Myrtle app?

Myrtle app is offered to any individual using an iOS device who desires to experience the greatest photo sharing experience with their family and friends. Android availability is in the pipeline.

Does the user have to create an account?

Yes, each user will have to create an account using their email and creating a password disabling anyone else to access their account, then they will be able to choose a user name to make them distinct from others.

Will users have followers?

Yes users will have followers and they will be able to follow others.

What privacy settings can a user have?

There are 2 levels of privacy settings: 

Profile Privacy On – Your profile is now Private. Only your followers can view your profile. People will have to send you a request to follow you.

Profile Privacy Off – Your profile is now Public and can be viewed by anyone. People can follow you without your approval.

Event Privacy On – Your Event is now Private. Only added users can view this event and add photos to this event.

Event Privacy Off – If your profile is Private, only your followers can view this event otherwise this event will can be viewed by anyone.

How do I follow someone on Myrtle or add them to my following list?

You can use the ‘Search’ option to search for all registered users on Myrtle by their name and use the ‘+’ to follow. If their profile is Private, they will receive a notification to accept.

What if I can find a user I want to follow?

You can invite them via email through the ‘Search’ option.

How can I add other users to my Event group?

In order to add someone to your Event Group, you need to follow them first. If you are already doing that then you can simply add them to your event via ‘Create Event’ option or via Album view. You can only add other users if you are the ‘creator’ of the event. 

Can me and my followers post comments and likes on Events?

Yes, you can. In fact you can comment and like on individual photos as well on Event album as a whole.

How can I Un-tag myself from an Event?

You can remove yourself from an Event album by using the setting option on album view.

How can I request permission to be added to an Event?

You can request permission via setting menu in Album view and the creator of event will get notified to add you.

Can I delete photos from an event?

You can only delete photos you uploaded to an event otherwise only the creator has the authority to delete photos.

Is there any cost to use Myrtle app?

No, Myrtle is absolutely free for all our users.

If you still have any questions, send your queries to : info@myrtleapp.com